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Exchange with Arden Academy from 18th-25th March 2017


Students from Arden Academy, Knowle, GB have visited Germany, each staying with their individual exchange partner from AES. This exchange has been offered to our year 8 students for many years now and has become a tradition between the two schools and is definitely a great experience. Over the course of this week, we as a group saw many interesting sights and went on various field trips. Namely, we visited the Saalburg” and got to know the circumstances under which Romans lived about 1800 years ago.



We also went to Mainz, had a guided tour of the Gutenberg-Museum and learned how to print the “Gutenberg way” ourselves.




The English exchange students also went to Frankfurt and visited the Senckenberg-Museum and the “Dialog-Museum”.


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Of course they also attended classes and even participated in a drama lesson. We ended our exchange week with a sports tournament and a party we celebrated together with the French exchange students.
I hope the English students had a great time and I think we’re all looking forward to meeting again in England in June.

by Ben Luca Huber, Form 8d (Albert-Einstein-Schule, Schwalbach)


Two students from Arden School report:


“The German exchange trip was one of the best experiences of my life. I became very good friends with my partner and all the other German students. During the week I enjoyed getting know the other exchange students from going to the park and getting together in the evenings as well as during the day trips. One of my favourite activities was the Dialog Museum in Frankfurt which I really enjoyed, I also found the Roman Fort, the Saalburg very interesting, as the Romans in Germany is something I've never studied. I have become more confident in my German and learned lots of new words and phrases as well as understanding German culture. I learned about the German school system and started a new hobby which my partner introduced me to. Hearing German around me and speaking it as much as possible resulted in me starting to think in German which was a really good experience”

Tom Batchelor 9S (Arden School)




"I think that the German Exchange is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience and an opportunity that shouldn't be missed. The nerves when we arrived at the airport were short lived because I felt so welcome with my host family and quickly integrated into the new German lifestyle that was my home for the next week. It was full of lots of different activities with perfect opportunities to try the local food, shops and make plenty of new friends. It is my favourite trip I have done with the school so far and would love to do something similar in the future."

Grace Lord 9A (Arden School)



Students from Arden visiting the Senckenbergmuseum


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farewell party at AES



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